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Weight Management

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For conditions you normally get treated by your gynecologist or OB/GYN, at Acupuncture Doctor, Dr. Liau can help with a faster result at a lower cost and with no medication. 


Thousands of our female patients get good results fast with Dr. Liau's protocols because she understands what they are going through physically and emotionally.  They feel that Dr. Liau's sincerity and vast amount of knowledge and experience in Women's Health sets her apart from other doctors they have visited. We welcome patients who are 100% committed to their health and, together, we can achieve a great result within a Specific Time Frame. 

For Example:

  • Any symptoms associated with periods: Such as Painful Cramps, Clots, Irregular Menses (Dysmenorrhea) or Delayed Menses (Amenorrhea), TAKES 1-3 MONTHS TO REGULATE PERMANENTLY. Instead of hormone therapies and birth control pills which may have many side-effects.

  • Any Vaginal Discharge (Leukorrhea), Vaginal Dryness, and Urinary Tract Infections, TAKE TWO WEEKS TO OVERCOME vs. Months with Western Medicine.

  • Any Menopausal Syndromes:  Such as Hot Flushes, Insomnia, Night Sweats, or Anxiety, regardless of how long, CAN BE REDUCED TO A MINIMUM WITHIN A FEW WEEKS.  FOOD CRAVINGS, regardless of how long, can be reduced to ZERO in 4-5 sessions.

  • For Infertility Issues:  IVF Procedures and Post Labor Complications, Dr. Liau is able to help in conjunction with your OB/GYN and within the timetable that was set.

  • Other complicated issues:  Such as Endometriosis, Ovarian Cysts, Fibroids, or Breast Tenderness, No Problem, Dr. Liau is able to help.  She can work in conjunction with your gynecologist and OB/GYN, or she can take care of the problem solely by using Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.

  • Scar Tissues that cause discomfort, due to surgery, C-Section, Hysterectomy, or liposuction and such.  No problem, Dr. Liau is able to help based on her needling technique and experience.


Case #1: (A 42-year-old professional) Before treatment I used to be very sleepy, moody and tired.  I could not even take a walk with my husband after dinner or move small furniture since my shortness of breath would bother me. My period used to be horrible. I used to have a lot of pain and heavier periods with clots.  Now that I have been doing acupuncture and taking herbals I have noticed a big difference in my everyday life. 

Overall, I'm a happier person and can focus better at my job.  My father used to say I looked pale but this Christmas he noticed a big change in my overall well-being. Dr. Liau takes her time to find out about your overall health and focus about what you are there for. She looks at all aspects of your daily life to see if any of that has any effect on your main complaint. Dr. Liau has changed my life, that's all I can say!!!


Case #2: (A 50-Year-Old Female Professional) I can't tell you how miserable I was prior to visiting Dr. Liau. I had severe pain in my lower abdominal area like some kind of cyst was inside me along with my lymph nodes under my armpit were kind of swollen for some reason. I had been from Doctor to Doctor who ordered test after test. I spent several thousand dollars at a local alternative medicine clinic. I was afraid I had cancer or some other serious condition. None of these practitioners were of any help to me.  


Dr. Liau was referred to me by my co-worker.  Since receiving treatments from Dr. Liau (about 7-8 sessions), my swelling under my armpit has gone and I am finally without pain during my period. I have been taking several inexpensive herbal medicines for about a year now that greatly improved my condition. One is a female hormone formula to regulate my period; the other is to maintain balance. I'm afraid to stop taking either one!!! I have always felt the prices of the treatments and herbal medicine to be less expensive than most doctor's visits and over-the-counter medications.  


After a few months later, I went back to Dr. Liau for my vaginal dryness which was embarrassing to even talk about it out of desperation.  Because the hormone cream my doctor prescribed did not help.  Dr. Liau prescribe an herbal alternative and it works like wonders!!! I was able to regain my natural lubrication within 10 days and my new boyfriend was happy.

Case #3: (A 38-Year-Old Marketing Professional -- Female) I was treated for various ailments such as endometriosis, kidney stones, leg pain, and lack of energy (hypothyroid). Before acupuncture, I had to miss work a lot and was not able to drive long distances for work, which is a normal routine for me. I am constantly in pain in my back due to kidney stones or in my lower abdomin due to endometriosis, which causes me not able to live like a normal person.

From the very first acupuncture treatment, I can notice a big difference in the pain level of my body.  Dr. Liau was able to treat many conditions during one setting, which makes me feel better all over.   She was able to take care of my kidney stones easily without me having to go to my primary doctor which I am grateful for.  After my course of treatments, I now do not have to miss work and definitely have more energy to do things with my husband. which he is excited about.


Dr. Liau is very informative; she will explain things to you that you can understand. She is a Great listener and a problem solver. I felt like a patient and a person not a number when I visit Dr. Liau, unlike how I felt at other doctors' offices.

Infertility Cases

Case #4: (A 38-year-old mother of 3) I came to see Dr. Liau for stress and headaches and receive acupuncture periodically and successfully. But the problem that I am most concerned about was my infertility. My husband and I had been trying for our 4th child for 3 1/2 years now, which resulted in 2 miscarriages. During my first visit with Dr. Liau, she told me that if I followed her instructions and did exactly as she said I would be pregnant within 3 months - IT WAS 3 MONTHS ALMOST TO THE DAY that I became pregnant with my daughter. Acupuncture combined with herbals work!  Dr. Liau is very competent, compassionate, and professional. She works with you to address the problem.

Case #5 IVF: (A 32-year-old female) I really respect that Dr. Liau shows great interest in her patients.  I was referred to her by my OB/GYN.  I was told that by using acupuncture in conjunction with IVF treatments, it can improve my uterine blood flow which inturn, create a more hospitable environment for my implantation.  And therefore, increase the success rate by 65%. I was able to schedule two weeks prior to my egg retrieval with Dr. Liau and on the day of my embryo transfer.  Dr. Liau even cleared her meeting that morning to come to the clinic to give me a treatment.  I am very thankful for Dr. Liau's commitment.

Case #6 Ovarian Cyst: (A 28-year-old female) I came to Dr. Liau for my Ovarian Cyst and menstrual cramps which may have prevented me from getting pregnant. My husband and I did some research online and came across Acupuncture.   Prior to my treatment, I was experiencing constant cramping during my period, sometimes lasting for 10 days.  It all got started since I had a miscarriage three years ago. I was at the point of my life where I had to try something different instead of continuing going to my gynecologist for more procedures/medications.


Surprisingly, after three months of acupuncture with Dr. Liau, I became pregnant.  And now I have two children, a boy two-years old and I just had a baby girl 4 months old.  Dr. Liau is very knowledgeable in getting my period and ovulation to come on time so as to increase the chances of pregnancy.  She helped me map out the best days for treatments before my ovulation so my body will be more fertile. Dr. Liau really cares about her patients' health and progress.  She gave me and my husband hope and a family I adore, that's for sure.

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