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Acupuncture and Sports Medicine

-- For the Active & Health-Conscious YOU


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Sports Enthusiast

Dr. Liau has a solid track record in helping thousands of patients to feel better with Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.  She Can Give YOU The “WINNER’S EDGE” YOU Need To Be On Top Of Your Game.  Your very own Secret Weapon to SUCCEED. 


Here is how Dr. Liau can help YOU:

Physical Benefits

Faster Recovery Time on Any Minor Fractures.  Immediate Reduction of pain for Neck, Knees, Ankles, Elbows, and Lower Back Injuries in acute conditions.   For injuries longer than 6 months, it will only take a few more sessions to reduce the pain.   Long-term benefits will be to Promote Circulation to Prevent Future Injuries.

Mental Benefits

Dr. Liau Can Give You a Restful Sleep, Clear Mind, Better Focus, Stronger Stamina, Increased Energy and Higher Confidence Level to SUCCEED in the sports you love.  It can be your gym workout, yoga routines, zumba classes, or your regular bicycling, swimming, or running routines that you would like to take to the next level.


Athletic Competitions

Dr. Liau has been known to help thousands of athletes (children, teens, and adults) to perform at their best in competitions and tournaments. Athletes in sports ranging from martial arts, gymnastic, and cheerleading to tennis, soccer, triathlon, marathon running, and golf. The goal is to prepare them for the game a few weeks before the event by balancing their bodies within and, in the meantime, taking care of any injuries they may have encountered while practicing.


As a result, athletes report a major difference on the day of the event. They report feeling lighter in their bodies, having more energy, and feeling more calm and confident to focus better under pressure. This often gives them the "Winner's Edge" to perform better than their competitors.


Case #1: (A 26-year-old Triathlon Athlete/Runner) I  have been coming to see Dr. Liau for the last 5 years now.  I would go in 1 1/2 weeks before my triathlon.  She helped me with my overall stamina by making my legs lighter and my body with less tension overall and therefore, I feel invincible.  Dr. Liau definitely helped me surpass my last performance ranking, to my amazement.  Thanks Dr. Liau!!!


Case #2: (A 24-year old Martial Artist) I am sold on acupuncture after just a few sessions. Dr. Liau helped me get rid of my inflammation on my thoracic spine, faster than medication, which allowed me to participate and Win my competition last month.  If you do what is recommended in the protocols (treatment interval and herbals), everything works like clockwork.  My "Sensei" (teacher) was pleased by how fast I recovered from my injury. 


Case #3; (A 50-year old Golfer)  My back was injured while playing golf and I had to rest  for 4 weeks with pain medication per my primary physician.  However, my golf buddy told me about Dr. Liau and urged me to try acupuncture for a faster recovery.  To my surprise, I was impressed by Dr. Liau’s expertise in sports medicine which helped me get back to my game in half the time (2 weeks) and play even better than before.


Case #4: (A 30-year-old Tennis Player)  I play tennis regularly and have had a severe issue of tendonitis for years.  I am from Europe and do not have medical insurance here and I was so happy to have found Dr. Liau who specializes in Sports Medicine.  I did not have too much relief after trying cortisol shots and physical therapies and was worried I would not be ready for my upcoming tournament.  My girlfriend referred me to Dr. Liau since she helped her with her horseback riding accident.  After seeing Dr. Liau for just a few weeks, I am now able to raise my arm and return to my regular tennis practice again.  All without undergoing surgery- AMAZING!!!

Case #5: (A 38-year-old professional & a Baseball Player - female) I was treated for knee pain. I basically had a total ACL replacement on my left knee. Had scar tissue after surgery and it was still very painful. I was not able to fully extend the knee. I also had a lot of discomfort when it rained. After a course of acupuncture treatments, I had more flexibility.   I was able to bend my knee again and had no trouble going upstairs.

I am a BELIEVER in acupuncture now because I was able to return to play baseball again - the sport I love. Dr. Liau listens to my concerns and she wants to know your expectation about the treatment. She has a great personality. We would laugh and tell jokes. She is not like other doctors that are stuck-up. Dr. Liau is up front with her patients, She is sincere.


Case #6: (A 54-year-old Ballroom Dancer) I was treated for bursitis of the hips. I was diagnosed with that from two different orthopedic doctors who gave me a prescription for pain pills and therapy. That's it. I did some research for a better solution. That's when I found Dr. Liau. My life before treatment was pretty miserable.  I had pain in both hips especially when I walked and got up from a sitting or lying down position, and I definitely could not dance at all.


After receiving my first treatment with Dr. Liau, I went dancing and was able to move my hips a little more than before, just to test it out and see for myself.  After the fifth treatment, I was able to take longer strides when I walked and resume my dancing after a few more sessions. Dr. Liau is very thorough and caring.  She documents your progress in detail. The fees are reasonable and the herbal medicine is surprisingly less than other health stores.

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