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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Note:  Due to COVID-19 epidemic, to reassure patients, we only sell U.S. processed, packaged, and distributed herbal products.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine Offers 7 Major Benefits


Chinese Herbal Medicine Is 100% Natural – No Preservatives or Additives, especially the ones we sell in our pharmacy.

They are processed and packaged in the USA, following stringent FDA guidelines.



Chinese Herbal Medicine Can Treat All Types of Medical Conditions by addressing the roots of the problem instead of masking it.  Conditions such as Hypertension, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Gynecological, and Digestive issues.  Pain management, such as arthritis, herniated disc, bone spur, and tendonitis, just to name a few.


It Can Also Treat Emotional Issues such as General Stress and Insomnia, Lack of Focus (ADD), Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Poor Memory, and Bereavement.


For Children and Teens, Chinese Herbal Medicine is good for Ear infection, Allergies, Skin Problems, Period Cramps, ADD/ADHD, Delayed Growth, Obesity, No Motivation, and Sports Injury.



Chinese Herbal Medicine Has No Side Effects, Meaning it is formulated to protect your Liver and Kidneys instead of damaging them.



Chinese Herbal Medicine is Safe to Take Long-Term at a customized dosage prescribed by a Licensed Practitioner.   

And the dosage can be decreased for long-term usage as the body starts to heal on its own.



Chinese Herbal Medicine Can be Taken in Conjunction with Western Medicine and, at most times, can be used to address its side effects.


Chinese Herbal Medicine is Less Costly than most Western Medicines and normally is equivalent to the price of an over-the-counter remedy.



Most of all, Chinese Herbal Medicine Complements Acupuncture and, if used as instructed, can greatly improve one’s conditions to speed up the recovery time.


And when taken consistently, can act as a Preventive Medicine to avoid surgery and improve one's immune system for optimal health.


Case #1 I am now off prescription medications for pain and only take herbals — 100% natural. Non-acupuncture doctors are amazed with my progress from pain to cholesterol and blood pressure control as I take herbal medicine on a daily basis. Thanks, Dr. Liau!

Case #2 Immediately after taking herbal medicine, I noticed a SIGNIFICANT decrease in pain of my lower back and numbness in my legs (sciatica). I strongly recommend herbal medicine to anyone, as they do not cause side effects to my body when taking them and only help my medical conditions.

Case #3 I am getting good grades in school now, mostly B's and A's compared to C's and D's before herbal treatment. I am able to respond to questions quicker in class and have a better confidence in taking tests. My mother was thrilled by my progress.

Case #4 I found that when I took over-the-counter sleeping pills that I would wake up with side effects like drowsiness in the morning, which can be very dangerous for me to do my job. Herbal medicine helps me sleep with no side effects when I wake up in the morning.

Case #5 Dr. Liau is very informative; she was concerned about my health and how to improve it.  Dr. Liau treated me as if she had known me for a long time. She explained everything to me step-by-step--how to take my herbal medicine, by dividing them into groups and the best time to take them.  She cares about everything, not only my arthritis, but the overall conditions of my illness.

Case #6 My life has changed dramatically after taking herbal medicine that was specifically designed for me by Dr. Liau. My thinking was much clearer, more alert. I do believe Chinese medicine is more a solution than a blanket over the problem. It addresses my conditions from the root not the surface.  Dr. Liau has been extremely helpful to customize the herbal just for me, no matter what the condition is (even with depression and anxiety).

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