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Mental Health Concerns

Internal Medicine
-- What Can Dr. Liau Do For You --

Dr. Liau's Expertise

Dr. Liau has 20 years of experience in treating all types of internal medical conditions -- see "Treatable Condition" Page.  Dr. Liau has been known to solve complicated cases when the patients have come to her as their last resort.  They often have exhausted all the medical options besides surgery or their doctors may have asked them to find other alternatives.   As a result, many patients have been referred to Dr. Liau by various healthcare practitioners as well as her own patients' family members.  They all share one thing in common, that they have great confidence that Dr. Liau can help.

What to Expect In Consultation

During your initial visit, Dr. Liau will do a comprehensive assessment of your condition (15 minutes) followed by an examination and an acupuncture treatment taking approximately 45 minutes.    You can also schedule a 30-minute consultation with Dr. Liau, which the majority of her patients do, especially for three or more conditions that need to be discussed.

During the consultation, Dr. Liau will review any medical reports you may have, take into account your emotions, sleep patterns, and lifestyles, to connect all of the above to your chief complaint. When put together, the myriad symptoms and signs you are experiencing reveal patterns of disharmony.  And the treatment plan Dr. Liau designs for you will be Customized.  Therefore, your "whole being" will be considered in order to develop the most appropriate course of treatment.


Once you initiate a healing process, it is important to follow through on treatments. The more consistent you are, the better the likelihood of good results. The effects of acupuncture tend to be cumulative. Each treatment protocol may consist of five or more sessions depending on the severity and how chronic each condition is.


After you are feeling better, Dr Liau will ask you to continue with herbal medicine for a few more weeks to ensure the ultimate result. In Chinese medicine, this is referred to as "solidifying the constitution." The goal is to further strengthen your body to prevent recurrence of the illness as well as new ones.


Case #1: (A 42-year-old business owner with Allergy Attacks- male) Before coming to Acupuncture Doctor, I was taking 3-4 different sinus medications along with antibiotics every month with allergy shots every 2 weeks.  And I still experienced allergy attacks 3 times in the last 3 months. After 1 treatment with Dr. Liau, I saw a 70% improvement, feeling real good by the 5th appointment.  Now, I just go for follow-ups whenever I feel an attack is coming which is not often at all.


Dr. Liau does a very good job in coaching me about my diet, as to avoid certain food that may cause my allergy to flare up.  She also map out a time table as to when to take herbals as a prevention so I would not experince an attack. I think I have been wasting my time and money going to Western doctors for all these years who do not give me any great relief.

Case #2: (A 58-year-old energetic grandmother with Colitis) Before  treatment with Dr. Liau, I had been to the emergency room 3 times due to adverse reaction of the pain medication I was taking for my Colitis. My life was dismal. I was in constant pain, could not eat a regular meal that would not upset my stomach. I was losing weight and was having diarrhea 4-5 times, on top of my nervousness and insomnia, which were due to a bad reaction to the drugs I was taking.

After my first acupuncture treatment, improvement was immediate for my nerves. I would go 3 times a week and only after 2 weeks, I was able to sleep at least 6 hours during the night -- better than my husbad!!!  If someone had told me a year ago that I would be going to acupuncture I would have said "No Way." But my life is now 100% changed for the better. To have found Dr. Liau was such a blessing to me because my primary doctor was going to send me to the mental hospital due to my extreme nervousness.  I did not know who to turn to for help at the time.  It was my husband who researched online and found Dr. Liau.

Case #3: (A 35-year-old Executive with Eye Twitching - male) I began to notice the twitching of my eyes, cheeks, and chin about 2 years ago, mostly due to my busy work schedule and a lot of pressure and stress encountered at work. I like the way that Dr. Liau explains everything thoroughly. She seems to be very experienced in my type of condition.  She was able to pinpoint my problem with great accuracy compared to other acupuncturists I have gone to before. She even convinced me to try some herbal medicines for my problem and they worked.


I began to see an improvement after my 1st treatment - a faster improvement compared to the treatment I had received elsewhere. After only 7 treatments, I am able to smile straight, taste food, wink, and open/close my eyes without any problem.


Case #4: (A 40-year-old Attorney with Bloating -- female) I suffered from frequent stomach pain (bloated feeling), poor circulation of the legs and tired eyes from computer work before coming to see Dr. Liau.   Amazingly, only after 3 treatments, I no longer experience the bloated feeling and can now eat a regular meal without feeling stuffed all the time. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal lessened the appearance of my varicose veins; even others have noticed.  As for my eyes, Dr. Liau prescribed an herbal medicine which I find to be very effective, works well and is reasonably priced.  Dr. Liau really listens. You feel like you are getting the best quality of care. I consider Dr. Liau to have the same credentials as a regular Western doctor.


Case #5: (A 70-Year-Old Grandmother with Abdominal Pain) I was treated for serious nausea and abdominal pain.  On a scale of 1-10, it was definitely a 10. It goes back to six years ago after having surgery. I had an endoscopy and a pacemaker. Just a few days after the procedure, the discomfort started, I had been to the hospital several times and was treated by the family doctor. After trying everything they could think of and having all kinds of tests, I went to see Dr. Liau and she helped me quite a bit. She was so kind on the phone and saw me immediately. It was wonderful.

I find Dr. Liau to be extraordinarily capable. I have complete confidence in her.  Dr. Liau is friendly, warm and quite lovely. I feel I had above and beyond treatment and it was worth every penny. I shall not hesitate to return if I need to. The rates are very fair.  I like the fact that I am never kept waiting too long in the waiting room unlike most doctors. The office is very clean and It feels very comfortable when you walk in and extremely relaxed.

Case #6: (A 53-Year-Old Female Cancer Survivor) I suffered from breast cancer for 5 years. After the chemotherapy, I was in a state of depression with severe fatigue. Someone refer me to Dr. Liau who helped me with my energy and immune system which allowed me to run a 5 K with my daughter this past weekend. Dr. Liau brought back my quality of life and helped me with my depression. I am at the best of my health presently and my test result came back again negative. I have been in remission for the last 5 years now and I am happier than ever before. Thanks for Dr. Liau's comprehensive treatment, which I believe is the best in the area.

Case #7: (A 40-Year-Old Computer Programmer with Shingles - Male) I had chronic neck, shoulder, scapula, and back pain due to shingles (Herpes Zoster) for the last 2 years. When I had my first consultation with Dr. Liau, I could not walk unassisted. At a minimum, I needed a cane to get around. Sometimes I needed human assistance.

I no longer needed the cane after the first treatment, and began to feel significantly less pain after the second treatment. The pain has disappeared almost entirely - on my lower back, neck, and shoulder areas only after 6 treatments. I can now take regular walks and play games with my daughter. My life is nearly back to the point it was before I became afflicted with shingles. I am a 100% believer because this was the only course of treatment that had any effect. I tried an Orthopedic doctor, a Neurologist, and 2 Chiropractors. None of them were able to relieve the pain.

I believe Dr. Liau's office visit is more than reasonable when compared to other Acupuncturists. She is very inexpensive compared to the cost of treatment to other doctors' offices (not counting co-pay's on a per visit basis). Dr. Liau is a bargain when you factor in that she prescribed a specific number of treatments to take care of my pain. After that there will only be minor maintenance. I almost feel that Dr. Liau has saved my life - for a certainty, she has restored my quality of life!

Case #8: (A 65-year-old Executive with Hypertension - Male) I own an insurance company and have about 100 employees working under me.  I am constantly on the go and meeting clients at all times, which may cause me to have hypertension due to my anxiety.   My wife was so concerned about my health, worried that I may get a stroke like my father did.  She searched online and found Dr. Liau to take care of my stress level, since the medication my doctor prescribed for me was not enough.  My doctor keep changing my medication and at one point, I was taking three blood pressure medications which made my stomach sick. 


Before acupuncture, my anxiety would wake me up and caused me to have severe head pressure in the middle of the night.  My hypertension would go up to 210/110 all of a sudden along with my bad cholesterol (LDL) about 195 for no reason.  After only 6 sessions of acupuncture treatments and some herbal medicine, my anxiety level was under control.  I begin to want healthier food due to Dr. Liau's acupuncture points in the ear. My quality of living has improved. I am in the process of doing more exercise each day to lower my cholesterol and have a much better sleep as a result. 


I came in believing it was going to work and it has, because I ran out of options under Western medicine.  Dr. Liau was candid in explaining to me about the methods of treatment and the outcome of it; however, I would need to do my part as well.  She has a lot of self-confidence which made me feel confident during the process.   She is grounded in her specialty and my wife and I are grateful to have found her.

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