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Acupuncture and Mental Health
-- Regain Control of Your Life Starting Today --
Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine is the PERMANENT SOLUTION for your Mental, Emotional and Physical Health

For any mental health conditions you are currently dealing with and feel like you are having a slow improvement, Dr. Liau can help to speed up your progress.  In the past 20 years, Dr. Liau has successfully treated thousands of patients who have been diagnosed or experienced certain symptoms that are associated with mental disorders. Conditions ranging from depression, postpartum depression, and bipolar disorder to anxiety, panic attacks, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorder, and body dysmorphic disorder.  Dr. Liau also has treated children who suffer from attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity, nightmares, autism, and other learning disabilities. 


***Dr. Liau can work with you along with your primary physician, mental health counselor or psychiatrist.


Besides having a degree in Oriental Medicine (D.O.M), Dr. Liau also has a M.S. degree in Mental Health Counseling and Psychology and knows how mental disorders can overshadow a person's well-being and, therefore, is committed to helping her patients get better the natural way.  She has worked closely with her patients (along with their doctors) in taking care of side effects from anti-psychotic medications and, at the same time, using acupuncture and Chinese herbal to gradually decrease the need for them. As a result, patients report feeling better, happier, and know that they are no longer dependent on those drugs/medications to live a normal life.


In the last 20 years, Dr. Liau has developed a set of proven protocols to help patients combat their everyday  stresses, by using Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.  She is committed to help patients to REGAIN CONTROL of their lives by making better decisions, having a clear mind, and a more balanced emotions.  So they can better deal with their work-related issues, financial dillimmas, or relationship and family problems.  We welcome patients who are 100% committed to their mental health and, together, Dr. Liau will get you better within an Ideal Time Expected. 

Here is a list of Dr. Liau's Effective Protocols:


  • Decision Making Treatment:   Beneficial in helping patients making important decisions, such as financial investment, buying a house, school choices for their children, helping with career directions, or relationship issues or divorce matters. TAKES  1-2 WEEKS TO MAKE A GOOD DECISION. 

  • Social and Performance Anxiety Treatment:  Beneficial to help patients stay calm before and during their performances, such as work presentation, school presentation, talent performance, and modeling shoots and runways.  It can also help poker players to stay calm during their game as well as for those who just want to feel comfortable in social settings. TAKES 2-3 WEEKS TO OVERCOME. 

  • Mental Focus Treatment:  Extremely useful to help patients in learning new task on the job, studying for professional exams (such as real estate license), test taking from schools, as well as aiding in patients' meditation and yoga exercises.  TAKES 2-3 WEEKS TO REGULATE. 

  • Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and OCD symptoms, such as being afraid of flying, driving on the freeway, afraid of sleeping in the dark, or having the habit of biting nails or picking the hair, etc. TAKES 2-3 WEEKS TO OVERCOME. 

  • Bereavement, Brokenhearted, Depression, and PTSD:  Consists of patients who exhibit no desire to eat or exercising, feeling sad all the time, or just have no motivation to do anything.  TAKES 2-3 WEEKS TO OVERCOME.

  • Any conditions that are more severe, such as chemical dependency (tobacco, drugs, and alcohol) or for patients who would like to gradually decrease the need for Western Medication, it will TAKE 3 TO 6 WEEKS TO OVERCOME SUCCESSFULLY.

  • Note:  For patients who need one-0n-one counseling, behavioral therapy, or for sexual traumas that need to be addressed, we will refer patients out to a counseling specialist.  Acupuncture should be used as an Adjunct to counseling and not a replacement of it.




Case #1: (A 25-year-old male Model) Being a model, when I am on an assignment, I often have to work long hours and many days straight. Stress can be high at times which often aggravates my panic attacks, especially when I am about to do a runway show.  I frequently lived in fear of not knowing when I was going to experience another panic attack and had to go to the emergency.  By my 2nd treatment of acupuncture, I could feel a big difference. After my full course of treatments, I am no longer dependent on anti-depressant medication and don't worry so much about my anxiety anymore. Acupuncture combined with herbals really helps me be calmer at all times. I think people should not be so skeptical of acupuncture - try it. And if it does not work immediately, don't be discouraged.


Dr. Liau is excellent in follow-up with her patients' progress and she customized a treatment protocol that works best for me. And now, whenever I am in town, I schedule an appointment for my follow-ups and feel great each and every time.  Believe me, I have tried  other acupuncturists that the celebrities go to in California and New York city and none of them can relieve my anxiety as well as Dr. Liau could, and I had to pay 3 times more.


Case #2: (A 45-year-old Ph.D. Professor - female) I suffered from severe depression subsequently causing panic attacks. Before acupuncture my life was unbearable. I would sleep 20 hours a day and cry all the time. Just walking from my bedroom to the kitchen was like walking through a sand dune. I was on Effexor for the last 5 years and the more I took it, the less effective it became. 


Acupuncture made a dramatic change to my life. I saw a difference after the 1st treatment.  After I finished my course of 6 treatments, my depression went away;  I finally was able to sleep peacefully and not encounter any uneasiness and feeling like a panic attack is coming on. Dr. Liau is a good diagnostician. She is very adept at treating psychological conditions. She is a good listener. Mental health has a "bum stigma" but it can be helped with acupuncture. Modern medicine just puts a bandaid on it.

Case #3: (A 38-year-old international Business Investor -- Male) Dr. Liau saved my marriage, period. Before coming to her, I had a very bad temper and was intolerant of any suggestions coming from my wife.  I was also very frustrated at my work and  often became impatient to my two boys when they refused to listen to me.  Dr. Liau's treatment helped me to have a mental clarity in making important decisions at work where a lot of money is at stake.  She also helped me to have a better temper, and to feel more loving toward my wife and kids, which I am extremely grateful for until this day. It has been 8 years into our marriage and we are still going strong. 


Side note:  I was also treated for fear of getting on the airplane, my own private jet, I used to feel cramped  and would be sweaty and nauseated when I traveled in my private jet.  Instead of giving it up and allowing my fear to take control of my lifestyle, I confided in Dr. Liau and she was able to help me overcome my fear of flying.  All with acupuncture treatment and herbal medicine.  Dr. Liau is definitely a life saver to me.

Case #4: (A 30-Year-Old Healthcare Professional -- Female) I was treated for food addiction, bulemia, stress, negative thinking, and headaches, which I suffered from for many years.  After a course of 8 treatments, my life is dramatically improved. I don't understand exactly how it works, but it definitely works! Dr. Liau understands me when I explain what I feel or what I am going through.  Dr. Liau is concerned with all aspects of my health.


She is non-judgmental, kind, and very energetic about getting to the root of my concerns.  I find Dr. Liau's needle technique to be very good compared to others I have tried before.  If I ever feel uncomfortable when placed; she knows how to immediately make the discomfort go away. I usually drift in and out of sleep for the remainder of the treatments and feel very relaxed and peaceful during and after the treatments.

Chemical Dependency

Case #5:  (A 50-year-old female) I came to Acupuncture Doctor to stop smoking. I was also dealing with withdrawal, which I call grieving (for cigarettes). I smoked for 30 years, a pack and a half a day. I felt better after my first treatment but it was my second treatment when I felt it was under control and it was not so traumatic to give up. Regular doctors were very harsh by saying - "you must stop smoking." But Dr. Liau was gentler. Probably because of her background in psychology, she understands that your body has to go through a deterrence period before reaching to the end. Dr. Liau deals with the whole issue - the physical as well as emotional.  I did a total of 6 sessions. I now feel healthier and not like I am endangering my life anymore.


Case #6: (A 42-year-old male Business Owner) Since starting acupuncture treatment combined with herbals, my cravings for drugs (cocaine) have gone away, after a few weeks of treatments.  I now have increased energy. regained my mental focus and do not have to deal with the jittery feeling of withdrawals anymore.  I am surprised at how well I did with acupuncture because I don't have a high tolerance for pain. Instead, I find myself drifting off to a very peaceful place when I receive acupuncture from Dr. Liau, and I often feel rested (like taking a nap) after my 35-minute treatment. 


Dr Liau is very educated in her field of holistic medicine and psychology so I felt confident that she can help me. Acupuncture was not painful. I definitely believe acupuncture and Chinese medicine is a better treatment for Drug Addiction than just jumping into typical pharmacy medications.

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