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Acupuncture is Good for Our Younger Generation
- Age 6 to College Students -

Acupuncture is Good for our Younger Generation because it can address any Physical and Mental Health Issues with half of the recovery time and without Medication


Proven Protocols on the Following Conditions

  • Ear Infection, Bed Wetting, Afraid to sleep in the dark, and Delayed Growth in small children

  • Allergy, Headaches, Asthma, Constipation, and Stomach Ache.

  • No Appetite or Craving for Junk Food, Obesity or Body Image Problems

  • Poor Memory or Delayed Learning

  • Low Energy, No Motivation or Laziness

  • Aggression, Hyperactivity or Attention Deficit  

  • Minor Sport Injuries, bulging or herniation of discs (neck, spine and lower back areas), all without Prescription drugs

  • Stress from school:  Anxiety in Test Taking or Public Speaking, Lack of Focus in class, and Slow in Comprehension or Learning, or Procrastination.

  • Acne and Menstrual Period: Can help in  balancing hormones and regulating periods, address any Menstrual Cramps and Clots, Delayed Menses, and help with Acne, Eczema, and Boils.


Case #1: I brought my son (age 13) to Dr. Liau because he constantly procrastinates in doing his homework and he ended up not finishing it on time and suffered in his grades.  My son was diagnosed with ADD. After 5 treatments with Dr. Liau and taking some herbal medicine, he was able to bring up his grades to mostly A's.  I am so proud of him since he also improved on his anxiety in test taking.  Now he will give himself plenty of time to study so he can memorize better.  Thanks Dr. Liau for giving him an opportunity to realize his potentials and to excel academically.

Case #2: (Age 21) My mother took me to see Dr. Liau for my severe menstrual cramps, moodiness, and acne for several years.  And to my surprise, I found acupuncture and herbal to be extremely helpful.  I was coached by Dr. Liau on what not to eat in order to keep my face clean and how to regulate my stress during my period.  Now I experience no cramps before nor during my period and my mood has been on an even keel as well.  Even my face has been smoother, which allows me to try some modeling with confidence.  Meeting Dr. Liau was the best choice I have made in my life.  I learned so much from her.


Case #3: (Age 14) My son was bullied in school last year due to his smaller stature in 9th grade, and he was so frustrated at himself for not being able to stand up to those bigger guys in school.  My son was born prematurely and his physical growth has always been delayed.  After a few weeks of treatment with Dr. Liau, he gained 10 pounds and feels physically stronger, enough to take on sports which he normally would shy away from.  Now he has more confidence  to stand up for myself.  I am very grateful to Dr. Liau for everything.


Case #4: (Age 17) I have always been a very nervous person and it gets worse in social settings. I would bite my nails all the time for no reason.  Dr. Liau helped me to quiet my obsessive and negative thoughts.  And now I am much more calm and at ease even in social settings to the point I feel comfortable going to my prom this summer where I met my boyfriend.  Yay!!! Thanks Dr. Liau, you are the best!!!

Case #5:  (Age 16) My father took me to Dr. Liau's clinic because I injured my neck in my wrestling practice at school.  As a result, my coach asked me to sit out indefinitely since I was in pain with each movement.   The physical therapy my doctor prescribed did not help at all so we had to find other alternatives.   For the last 10 years, since age 6, I have been accompanying my parents to Dr. Liau's office for various treatments but I never got one.  In my desperation,  I immediately thought about Dr. Liau; maybe she can help me. 


And I was right, Dr. Liau did acupuncture treatments on my neck and prescribed some herbals.  After two weeks of treatments, as I followed her instructions closely, I was able to participate in the practice.  My coach finally was convinced that I am ok enough to join the team for the upcoming championship..  Believe me, I was ecstatic!!!!!

Case #6: (A 23-year-old Pharmacy Student) I was treated for yawning, poor memory, low energy, underweight, and tiredness. Before receiving acupuncture, my life was very stressful and tiring and I would yawn all the time, even after having a restful sleep the night before. My yawning started when I was a child and my parents took me to several doctors but nothing worked. Ever since, my yawning has affected my short-term memory to the point that I have to jot down everything my teacher says and then rewrite it afterwards so I can remember it. I used to have to study twice as long as other students in order to catch up. Soon, the yawning affects my energy and makes me feel tired all the time.

My life changed dramatically after I went to Dr. Liau, who specifically designed a treatment plan for me. My thinking has been much better, more alert. My yawning decreased by 80% and people around me finally stopped asking me why I look so tired all the time. I also gained some weight and look more attractive as a result. The herbals were great and were not harmful to my health.  Dr. Liau was very concerned about my health as a college student. Most doctors tell you anything, but she researched it.  Dr. Liau is a great diagnostician and knows what kind of herbal would be best for her patients. I actually learned a lot from her about my health which other doctors seem to have no time to explain to me.


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