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$$$ Here are Nine Reasons Why Acupuncture Doctor Can Help You Save Money $$$

  • 1/2 price: off on your Initial Visit, when compared to other doctors' rates. Please see our Intro Offer

  • Fewer Visits: than Chiropractics in treating the same conditions

  • Lower Cost: than a 60-minute Massage at a Spa

  • Lunch Hours & Saturdays Available: Kill two birds with one stone--Take a short nap while receiving treatments.  Or, have a treatment on a relaxing Saturday.

  • Cheaper and Healthier: than Prescription Drugs when you purchase Herbals in our Pharmacy

  • Avoid Surgery: Can take care of Mild to Moderate Conditions without Surgery, such as herniation, bulging disc, and bone spurs and more.

  • Post Surgery: Can reduce your recovery time in half, such as pain, swelling, stiffness, also works well with PHYSICAL THERAPY

  • 2 in 1: Treatment of Mental Health Issues on both fronts --  Not just the Emotional/Mental but also Physical symptoms.

  • One-Stop Clinic: Dr. Liau is Diverse in her Expertise in treating ALL TYPES of conditions with high success --  conditions range from Allergies, Internal Medicine to Trauma, Sports Medicine, and Mental Health for all ages.



Case #1: (A couple in their 30s) I went to Acupuncture Doctor today for their Valentine's special for couples on a Saturday (the only acupuncture clinic open on the weekend in my area). WOW, it was SO RELAXING and the clinic is so serene with good energy. I took my boyfriend there with me and he has never done it before but was snoring during treatment.  Both of us work long hours and this was a really good session to relieve our stress.  We were able to get treated in the same room, too!!!!!.

Subsequently, I took my mother there.  She is 70 years old and suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis of her hands and feet.  I was able to get treated with her in the same room and reassure her that everything will be ok.  I am so glad to report that after a few acupuncture sessions, she was able to walk a lot faster than before and was not complaining about her hands as much.  She was amazed!!!  THANKS DR. LIAU FOR YOUR CARE OF MY MOTHER.

Case #2: (A female professional) Prices are very reasonable. Last year alone, after surgery I went to a regular physician's office and between the visits and medication I spent $600.00 without feeling any better than when I originally went in for treatment (ankle swelling and pain.) With acupuncture, however, I only spent $375.00 and felt a great improvement only after a few sessions. This is a great alternative to spending more money and feeling the same. The herbals are extremely helpful and are very low in price, too.

Case #3: (A middle-aged female professional) I went to Acupuncture Doctor for the first time last week and fell asleep during my treatment, all to my amazement, of course. I am usually a needle-phobic person but Dr. Liau was very patient with me and explained to me the procedures she was about to do, which made me feel very comfortable under her care. The office was very calm and a great place for a lunch break or for after work relaxation, unlike a regular medical setting. I was treated for my lower back pain and fibromyalgia.   I found the cost for treatment was a lot less than massage and the result was long-lasting.

Case #4: (A family of Four) My wife and I had a great experience with Dr. Liau this past month. We found the price at this clinic to be the lowest in the Lake Mary area. Plus Dr. Liau was very knowledgeable in treating my sciatica pain as well as my wife's depression.  Since then, my daughter also has gone to Dr. Liau for her women's issue and so does her husband for some allergy problems.  Definitely a place to go for a Real acupuncture treatment.  Since we do not have insurance, THE OFFICE HAS FAMILY PACKAGE DISCOUNTS FOR US TO SHARE which makes it easy on our pocket book.  We are very grateful to have found a holistic doctor nearby in case we need any medical treatment that is not costly.

Case #5: (A busy Attorney -- Male) I usually travel a lot for work and would have lower back pain regularly and it has been affecting my golf game lately.  Dr. Liau was referred to me by my golf friends who go to see her for tendonitis. I was so glad that she was able to see me on such short notice, it was on a Saturday which really helped me with my game on Sunday.  I actually scored better than I thought. Definitely will come back for a few more sessions to continue to play better on my golf.  Dr.Liau will be my secret weapon. Thanks so much!!!


Case #6: (A 40-year-old computer programmer - Male) I had chronic neck, shoulder, scapula, and back pain due to shingles (Herpes Zoster) for the last 2 years. When I had my first consultation with Dr. Liau, I could not walk unassisted. At a minimum, I needed a cane to get around.  After a course of only 6 treatments, the pain has disappeared almost entirely and I was able to take regular walks and play games with my daughter.  Before going to Dr. Liau, I tried an Orthopedic doctor, a Neurologist, and 2 Chiropractors. None of them were able to relieve the pain. I believe Dr. Liau's office visit is very inexpensive compared to the cost of treatment at other doctors' offices (not counting insurance on a per visit basis). Dr. Liau is a bargain when you factor in that she prescribed a specific number of treatments to cure my pain. After that there will only be minor maintenance. I almost feel that Dr. Liau has saved my life - for a certainty, she has restored my quality of life!


$$$ At this time, Medicare and Medicaid do not cover Acupuncture.  However, we offer out-of-pocket discounts to all patients.

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